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Our Primary Objective

To provide cost effective professional management of the financial, maintenance and administrative functions of the Property, thus allowing the Property Owner to use his or her own time in the most efficient and appropriate manner possible.

A Brief Overview

The following are the highlights of our services, which will be covered in greater detail in our Proposal of Management:

Legal Framework: We believe the best route to litigation avoidance is through excellent service and friendly relationships with tenants. But there are a few tenants with whom disputes are unavoidable. So we back our service and friendliness with our tried and proven legal framework which includes a thorough tenant application and background check (including court records), and carefully drafted rental agreements (which are constantly being improved by our legal staff as new laws and court decisions evolve). Every tenant contact is conducted with attention to the requirements of the current rent law, and recorded in writing so that documentation is available in case of a dispute. Legitimate tenant complaints are handled promptly by qualified repairmen. All required legal notices are quickly and properly prepared and served by our legal staff so that a minimum of the owner's time, money or rights are lost. Our legal framework will improve your rent collections and reduce your legal costs.

Maintenance Mandate: Management of the physical plant is based upon a long-term maintenance mandate established and periodically reviewed by the Property Owner from input provided by our engineering and/or maintenance consultants. We take special pride in our ability to arrange and coordinate repairs that are both prompt and cost effective. We maintain and audit a Maintenance Log which indicates date of initial call, response date and actions taken to resolve each problem. A copy of the Maintenance Log is presented upon demand to the Property Owner. The Maintenance Log assists us in discovering most major problems before they become critical. A well planned maintenance mandate, keeps costs down while protecting the investment, and rent collections increase as a result of having happier tenants.

Comprehensive Accounting System: We are obsessive about bookkeeping for the property and use the latest accounting software. Our audited comprehensive accounting system is capable of providing the Property Owner with immense detail on property income and expense items, providing annual and longer term budgets and forecasting, setting and analyzing reserves, and cost and maintenance detail by rental unit. We can also generate monthly statements to all tenants, followed by late notices and other courteous follow-up for those who might require them. Every item is audited for accuracy and completion. Outside accounting services are only required for tax returns. Our comprehensive accounting systems keeps costs down by eliminating overpays and payments for uncompleted work, and increases income by maintaining scrupulous tenant records.

Quick and Courteous: We enjoy our work and we energetically recruit people who like to work, who are pleasant, well-trained and intelligent, and who will provide quick courteous responses to all requests from both tenants and Property Owners for information, repairs, or assistance. We know the meaning of service.

Thank you for considering our services. Upon reviewing the requirements and the scope of services needed, we will put our real estate management experience to work to provide a comprehensive Proposal of Management, which you can then review before making a hiring decision.