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MICHELLE DAVIS - Partner/Broker

Certified Property Manager of the Institute of Real Estate Management (CPM);
Real Estate Broker License since 1985

Starting right out of college, in 1975, Ms. Davis landed an entry-level position as office manager in a small real estate firm, and realized immediately that real estate investments would be a life-long pursuit. After spending a few years in residential sales, in 1982, she directed her efforts to office leasing in the vibrant downtown San Francisco marketplace with TRI Commercial Brokerage. During that period, Ms. Davis came to the realization that there were dramatic differences in the way different properties were operating, which perked her interest in property management. In 1985, Ms. Davis formed RECap Management, where she soon became heavily involved with lenders and owners in managing REOs and other troubled assets as a receiver appointed by both the Superior and the US District Courts. In 1993, Ms. Davis became a partner and the designated real estate broker for Davis-Paul Management Group. In 2001, always striving to improve, Ms. Davis, completed many CCIM courses and all of the course work required to earn a designation as a Certified Property Manager for the Institute of Real Estate Management (CPM). She has extensive training in risk management and is frequently hired by attorneys to serve as an expert witness. Today, Ms. Davis maintains an impressive group of savvy clients who rely on her expansive management experience to help them guide their properties around the growing maze of legal entanglements by avoiding them entirely or, at least, minimizing the consequences.

LAURI PAUL  - Partner/President

BA, UC Berkeley, 1981; General Contractor License since 1988

Ms. Paul first became involved in real estate as a general contractor and developer for LineArt Builders in 1988, and as President and RMO, evaluated properties to determine their highest and best use, and implemented the required development plans for improvement. Ms. Paul's passion to design and renovate properties provided extensive experience consulting with architects and engineers, working through the approval processes, hiring and managing personnel from all construction and carpentry trades. That successful experience translated easily for Ms. Paul into the skills necessary for effective property management, where quality control, supervision and cost management are such vital elements. In 1991, Ms. Paul formed QLC Management, Inc. to manage her existing portfolio of properties, and, having a desire to help other clients realize their investment goals, expanded into fee-based property management for the first time. Then, having found her niche, in 1993, Ms. Paul joined forces with her current partners in forming Davis-Paul Management Group. Today, Ms. Paul continues to provide her clients with a hands-on management style that displays her vast experience and enables them to achieve their investment objectives. "I'm going to change the world, one building at a time", she says with a smile.

JOHN DAVIS - Partner/Controller

Finance Major, University of Utah, 1977; Real Estate Broker License since 1975

In 1973, Mr. Davis took over operation of a small real estate brokerage started by his father in Salt Lake City. Within five years he turned the company into one of Utah's top five real estate firms with over 75 residential agents. In 1980, looking for new challenges, Mr. Davis, sold his Utah interests and came to San Francisco to specialize in commercial real estate, with Marcus & Millichap, Inc. Focusing on the sale of apartment complexes in Northern California, and having great success, Mr. Davis became aware that many of his clients lacked the skills required to realize the full potential of their real estate assets.  Wishing to see his clients achieve the financial results which he envisioned, Mr. Davis began forming partnerships with his clients and managing the new assets. Upon discovery that he had a special talent and a greater satisfaction in managing and improving real assets, in 1990, Mr. Davis made the transition into property management complete, joining his wife, Michelle Davis, and forming RECap Management Company. In 1993, Mr. Davis joined in the creation of Davis-Paul Management Group. He has become a known talent in the industry, enjoying great success in perceiving a property's potential and positioning in the market place, and in bringing that vision to a reality, while creating great wealth for his clients. Mr. Davis continues to provide his vast experience and insights to a loyal group of investors and clients. "Providing my clients with state of the art management services, over 35 years experience, and my personal attention to detail, continues to satisfy and motivate me, and, happily, has resulted in a multitude of long-lasting and positive client relationships. That's how I measure my success."