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Professional Property Management

Davis-Paul Management Group is a firm of experienced professionals who specialize in the physical and financial management of apartment complexes, retail centers, and office buildings. Our Headquarters are located in San Francisco with branch offices in Modesto, CA and Spokane, WA. The principals of the firm, licensed both as a real estate broker and as a general contractor, opened Davis-Paul Management Group in 1992. Our staff is a well-seasoned group of property professionals who are all highly intelligent, hard working and trustworthy.


Our unique position in the property management field as a mid-size firm assures personal account representation by the principals of the company. This results in a greater continuity in communications between our principals and the property owners, while also guaranteeing a higher level of personal accountability. Our strong presence at the property and oversight of all aspects of operations helps to maintain an open and healthy rapport with on-site staff and enables us to provide a more complete and comprehensive reporting to the owners.

Risk Management

We hire and train detail-oriented, team players, with exceptional customer service for resident retention. Our on site staff are dedicated, pro-active, and thorough to ensure that all goals are accomplished. Strict adherence to our policies and procedures at all levels acts to protect the owners from theft, fraud and liability.

High Standards

We understand that property owners have entrusted us with a valuable asset and major investment. Our goal is to maintain the property according to the highest achievable standards in accordance with a Management Plan established in consultation with the owner at the outset, followed by continued and regular communications.

Legal Expertise

Professional property management saves you time and money. Working with Davis Paul Management Group, owners will be assured that properties will be protected from today's highly regulated and often litigious environment. Today's investment properties are subject to municipal, state and federal laws and regulations and are assets that require sophisticated, experienced management. Our effective communication and supervisory skills offer strong administrative support and personal guidance to our resident managers. Training includes one-on-one consultation, direct accessibility, classrooms and 24-hour availability of our management professionals. Ongoing continuing education in safety and legal compliance further improves our staff, particularly relating to Fair Housing and worker safety issues.